Fall in love with the timeless Christy Miller series that has captured the hearts of millions of young women around the world.

Christy Miller Book Trailer

Christy Miller Book Trailer

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Here’s your guide to the order in which to read all the books about Christy Miller and her Forever Friends.

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Audio Books

Audio Books

Have You Heard? All 12 books in the Christy Miller High School series are now available as audio books. You can take Christy with you wherever you go when you listen to the wholesome, heartwarming teen love stories that have captured the imagination of millions of...

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List of Christy Miller Books

Christy Miller Series Unforgettable Characters We are passionate about the timeless novels for teens written by Robin Jones Gunn. Did you know there are nearly 50 books in this expanded series? The complete list is below. Fall in love with the wholesome role model...

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